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Let's smoke a pork butt for Easter


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Smoking a pork butt for tomorrows dinner.

7.34 lbs will take about an hour per pound at 225-250*F. I'll put this on the pellet smoker in the morning.


Rinse and pat dry. Add a squirt of mustard to help the rub do it's thing( you can't taste the mustard). Rubber gloves come in handy.



Rub of your chosing. I make my own with homegrown  ancho and thai peppers that are smoked and ground into chile powder.


Wrap it up and refrigerate. I'll throw this in the smoker after I get up in the morning. I usually have to feed more mouths so I'm cooking 2 16lb butts and have to get up at midnight to make sure they're done for dinner.



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I'll be putting 10 racks of baby backs on the smoker in the morning. I make my own rub also but mine is from store bought ingredients. Strange that it never taste good he same batch to batch. Maybe some day I'll make some notes so I'll remember what I put into the rub but probably not lol.  

Mustard, that's something I'll have to try. 

I use mustard to soak fish filets in before rolling in the dry fry.   

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Adore smoked food...  am interested in good smoker but here on market they have only 1 model,think its Weber..  but cost 500 euros

so i wasnt pull my wallet still..


looking on internet and i sees in America there is shitload of models,electric,on coal...  also different types of trees for smokin..

interesting sport...

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8 hours ago, Shooter said:

@Smokin JoeDo you do the 3-2-1 method of rib cooking?

3 hours rubbed and unwrapped on the smoker.

2 hours in foil.

1 hour sauced and unwrapped.

Sometimes I use that method but I'm a dry rib fan so I cut the sauce. If I'm using my electric smoker I don't wrap em. Put some water in the pan to keep things moist. Just depends on how smokey I want in the end result.

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@Dog StarThe Weber is a fine smoker, that's what I started out with. You could research UDS or Ugly Drum Smoker and build your own depending on material availability in your area.

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Yes,i know i can made one...  even sees people do them from old fridges,this one have huge capacity..


found some that looks like your model @Shooter ,not so expensive as Weber

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3 hours ago, imiubu said:

How many papers does it take to roll a butt for smoking? lol  :P  


only 2 of thosre old chech & chong Big bamboo lmao

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Dinner time. Excuse the paper plate I don't have a dishwasher and don't feel like washing anymore dishes than I already have to. The Weber sauce might not be most peoples choice but, it's 1 of the only ones without HFCS in it. We eliminated that poison from the house a couple of years ago as my wife was pre-diabetic. Last month the Dr. said she isn't anymore and took her off all meds.





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Guest 3rdCoaster

Looks like ya got  little white stuff as a cold side dish.  Your pork and fixins look delish.  I do them in slow cooker but its just not the same without the smoke.  

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Guest seymourbud

Looks good @Shooter.  I did a 12# pork shoulder this past Easter weekend, and it came out great.  I also used mustard, and Jeff's Rub, used competition blend pellets from Lumberjack.  Put it on 160F for an hour then ramped to 225F for the rest of smoke.  Started at 10pm Friday night and pulled it at noon on Saturday, IT was 208F.  Let it rest wrapped for 3 hours, then pulled and put it in the refrigerator under Sunday at noon.  Family at Easter dinner said it was the best pulled pork they have had.  I usually don't sauce pulled pork, but I smoked it in a pan (rather then directly on the rack of the smoker) and after removing the fat the next day, added the juices back in.  I also made a North Carolina vinegar-based sauce to go with it, but it was served on the side.  After 3 hour rest, the bone slid out and the meat basically fell apart.  Got quite a bit of leftovers to work through this week. 


BTW, nice Rec Tec, I have a Blazin' Grill Works Grid Iron.  They sure make smoking easy.

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