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Backyard Fun In the Sun, 52North .... 2018

Tynehead Tom

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ya, maybe just fine polymer screen to keep the fuckin ants and stuff out and the rocks and not worry about it.

Looking at getting a truck load of redi mixed garden soil from the farm an hour up the highway. Everyone up here swears by it for the vegetable gardens and it did grow very healthy zuchinni, spaggetti squash, beets, peas, roma and beef steak tomato ect...... might be worth a try and boost with bone meal, gypsum, dolomite, kelp meal, mycos and azomite..... thoughts?

my old outdoor mix , which I haven't used since 1998, was per bale of sunshine mix and went like this:

5 cups worm castings , 5 cups composted sheep manure, 1 cup bat guano, rock phosphate, muriate of potash, kelp meal, wood ash, 1 cup dolopril. The plants also got sprayed every 3 weeks with B1 and a product called Nitrozyme. Once flowering set in we top dressed with high phosphorous sea bird or bat with kelp meal and crustacean flour and sprayed cal/mag 150ppm cal /50ppm mag and Bossom booster weeks 4,5,6, of flower. I would plant 5 12" tall bushy clones per hole..... Northern Lights #5 was my usual choice back then..... and each plant would yield a solid 1/4 pound of indoor quality bud. Not sure if this recipe is very relevent these days and perhaps there are better soil recipes that are simple and easily sourced ingredients in my area.....


contemplating the 3 part worm casting/perlite/sunshine mix and amending with what i can find locally but hard to find stuff around here even at the garden stores. Small town ..... might have to drive a couple hours. I do have to pick up a club brother next week who's flying into vancouver from back east for a holiday at my place, so gotta do a pretty major road trip to the coast so will have loads of options for amendments down there. I got till June 10 to have those holes filled with something good for plants and would really like to do a mostly water only grow for the 2 full season plants. All the others I will feed like they are indoor plants and probably keep them on RO water whereas I will use my well water for the 2 full season plants.


time to get a water test.

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Most nursery mixes are pretty shitty IMO... yourusually buying a lot of sand... and their compost is made with green waste where the nitrogen and phosphorus escape in a gas form leaving a highly potassium mix... yes it will grow very “green” plants, but they and their consumers are loosing a lot of nutrient density by having thAt excess K...


best off fallowing the time hill mix of peat, chicken manure, bone meal and gypsum... cheap easy and effective,my favourite!


think he used pumice but lots of airation to choose from... 



if you do buy garden store stuff, buy just the compost and just manure to avoid buying a shit ton of sand... it’s heavy and free everywhere... 



I’d avoid dolomite and kelp, maybe a tiny bit but for the cost and chance of getting excess Mg or K is not worth it too me... cheap and easy usually wins... use the extra time and $ to just do more plants! 😉

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Tom Hill had a high ph well at the spot he did the big outdoor thread on.... I finished reading it on google archives I think... worth the read if you got time... that was the start into my quest for understanding plant nutrition better... definitely I would recommend getting into it if you can find it!

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ya he says go 50/50 gypsum/lime if ground and water PH are high...... aiming for rootzone PH of 6.5.

Finding chicken manure around here has proven to be impossible..... only sheep and steer. I can get what I need down on the coast next week but the Tom Hill recipe needs to rest for 3 weeks after mixing and the timing is not good unless I can get all the ingredients and get it mixed by this weekend.


the garden soil I can get from the farm is pretty nice stuff and mixed fresh every year. They usually sell out every year due to the quality. The base is ancient dried lake bed soil that is loaded with volcanics. I'll have to get the run down from him on exactly what is in it but last year I added 4 bags Black Gold , 1/4 volume used sunshine mix and added some dolopril and the veggies grew awesome, water only. I should have tried a plant in a 7 gallon with that soil last year then I would know if it will grow nice weed plants hehe.



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alright so I'm gonna try and round up these items when I head down to the coast in a few days. Loads of farms and garden suppliers down there so shouldn't be an issue finding what I need for the tom hill recipe.


so if I follow the Tom Hill recipe...... to fill my 2  x 56 gallon holes I figure I need:

8 bags Black Gold

1 1/3 bags composted chicken manure

1/3 of a bag of perlite

16.5 pounds of steamed bone meal

and 3.3 pounds each of gypsum and dolomite

probably dose them with alaska morebloom thru weeks 1 thru 5 of flowering and do some molasses teas near the end? 


I wanted to try and mix the Ras Truth soil recipe and follow the ammendment and spray schedule but I doubt I'll ever be able to gather all the necessary stuff on that list LOL

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Would be cool to see a Tom Hill mix and a Ras Truth mix go head to head!... but I bet you could do 20 TH style to every 5 RT style in time money and effort.. just sayin.


thought Tom said he would use 50-50 gypsum to lime except his well ph was higher... doesn’t make sense to add lime with higher ph and not with lower? Gypsum is pretty neutral and dolomite is a strong ph up so I would think maybe a bit much if your well is over 7-8 range...

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his well PH was around 8 I think he said...... I guess I'll stay with gypsum and I can always top dress and water in Dolopril or the occasional supplement with Calimagic or Calmag.

It's fun figuring this stuff out hehehe


@Coastal do you know where in canada we can get gardening soil samples tested ?

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K, so light dep has begun 😉


Put all the batch 1 seedlings out in the shed this morning at lights out. Will wake them up tomorrow at 8 am and tonight at 8pm , I'm going to pull a few nice clone mums from the veg room to join them.

Scoutbreath, Pimp Juice, Strawberry Kushbreath , Old Grandpa Scratch 2 and those 3 Strawberry Mandarina S1 females..... gotta clone all these too.

I will see how much room I'm gonna end up with and decide how many ladies I add in to this run. The veg room is packed and many mums to choose from hehehe

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Well..... 2018 outdoor is officially underway :rasta.nana:


unfortunately all the Gorilla Bubble BX2s ended up being male 😞


But still leaves me with enough plants to make this fun.

The seed plants are all 1 week into flowering after sexing on 12/12 indoors. The other 4 plants which are clone mums and the strawberry mandarina S1 are day 1 flowering today.


Karma Genetics C95A Strawberry x Mandarina S1 (3)



Clone mums of Karma Genetics Old Grandpa Scratch 2 & 3 , and Chunky`s Bagseeds Pimp Juice 1 & 3



Bad Dawg Genetics GG4 x Long Bottom Leaf



Chunky`s Bagseeds Gorilla Twin Bx2



and Green Mason - Ninefold Collective Prism OG


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Look's like you have a great plan flowering early to take advantage of the bright Sunlight.


If the fires, floods and a plague of locusts  stays away I think this will be your best season yet in the greenhouse. 😁

Fingers crossed we get 3 decent months of weather in the North.


Peace GG

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1 hour ago, gorilla ganja said:

Look's like you have a great plan flowering early to take advantage of the bright Sunlight.


If the fires, floods and a plague locusts  stays away I think this will be your best season yet in the greenhouse. 😁

Fingers crossed we get 3 decent months of weather in the North.


Peace GG


I hope so man.

Might even get a few of them autos out in a sunny spot this year. Much more prepared and totally on schedule this year so as long as mother nature cooperates it should be a good season.

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If your going to start Autos get them going now so you can take advantage of the long daylight for next couple months. They will be done before end of August, so should not have to worry about a cold September.

Here's a couple different phenos at 50 days old of the current auto run. 




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got some auto #1 and 5 going at a friends place. He's about 1/2 way thru and they are real nice fat bushes in 3 gallon grow bags, indoor grow tent and CMH lighting.

Should be getting some pics sent to me soon and I'll get some at the end.


My efforts to get chicken manure have failed..... odd that they don't sell it anywhere around here and I tried every place that sells garden stuff. So I have settled on using Sheep manure because I know it has worked for me in the past.

the other thing that frustrates me is the recipe calls for steamed (not prilled) bone meal. This info isn't printed on labels so no idea if I got steamed or prilled , hope it doesn't matter.

Doing my soil mix for the big plants today.

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K so week 2 of light dep in the green house, things are looking on track 😉 I'll get some pics tomorrow

got my soil mixed and letting it cook till the 10th and will fill the holes.

I ended up putting a 110 gallon mix together, kinda following the tom hill recipe.

6 large bags Black Gold potting soil

1 bag promix HP with mycos

1 & 1/3 bag composted sheep manure (.5/.5/.5 NPK)

16 & 1/2 pounds Bone Meal (2/14/0 NPK)

1/3 of a large bag of perlite

5 pounds granulated Gypsum

1.5  pounds Dolopril 


Hopefully this will work out 


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Been a real hard last few weeks with the loss of a close friend and another on deaths door as I type this. Bit of a basket case and haven't been feeling like posting much , we'll see how things go.


anyhow, despite all the doom and gloom , I have accomplished a whole lot in the garden. Got the second greenhouse built and the wife's veggies all potted up and that greenhouse filled. Built another 4x8 x 18" cedar panel raised bed for more veggies..... got all my soils mixed and rested/cooked for couple weeks and I transplanted the Gorilla Bubble BX2 and the Old Grandpa Scratch to thier 56 gallon holes. These plants are "wayyyy" bigger than last years june 10th planting so I'm expecting good things. 

I'll try and get some plant close ups later but here's some pics for now


Gorilla Bubble Bx2 (56 gallon hole)



Gorilla Bubble BX4 (5 gallon pot)



Morning garden shot



Old Grandpa Scratch #1 (56 gallon hole)


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Sorry to hear about your friends @Tynehead Tom.  Best of vibes being sent your way.


Garden look's good. Really filling in nicely. Are you getting the monsoon rains out your way?


Any pics of the autos your buddy is running yet?


Peace GG

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@gorilla ganja , weather was real nice thru april and may and took a turn the past week or so. We were hitting 30C /12C overnight in may and then the typical weather came back and daytime 11 to 16C / nighttime 1C to 7C ..... not great but the plants are handling it. Second batch of seedlings stretched a bit more than i like to see but the good weather is returning so hopefully next couple weeks are hot n sunny while the first light dep gets past the mid point of flowering.


I saw buddy's Auto #5's 2 weeks ago...... I thought he was going to run them outside only but he popped some seed weeks ago and the plants are well on flowering now in a grow tent under 315cmh. Dude.... they are blowing buddies mind haha I was really surprised to see the structure and node development. Total bushes, nice thick stems and loaded with bud sites. I will harass him again to send me some pics. 

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Guest Troutman

If you have the room.

Maybe you can raise a batch of meat chickens in the Summer.

You can order them as day old, 1 week old or 2 weeks old.
Then you would have nice chicken meat and fresh manure.
Meat chickens only take 8 to 10 weeks to finish.
I wish I could do that.

Sorry about your friends.

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picking up 4 egg laying hens tomorrow. Built an A frame portable chicken coop that I can move about the yard over the summer. Will have a drop sheet under the wood shaving so I can slide the whole works out and dump in the compost pile. The full size coop is yet to be built but will be needed before fall arrives so they don't freeze solid over winter haha.

Meat chickens maybe next year, we'll see.

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took a few more pics


Batch 2 seedlings ..... these are getting 12/12 in the garden shed starting yesterday and will transplant them as they show sex.



Karma Genetics C95A Strawberry Mandarina S1 (x3)



@dragboatjeffy / Bad Dawg Genetics - GG4 x Long Bottom Leaf 


and another GG4 x LBL



From Chunky's Bagseeds - the next 4 are Gorilla Twin BX2





and from @Limos and the Green Mason/Ninefold collective - Prism OG x 2



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Guest 3rdCoaster

Gardening is good therapy for a heavy heart.  Hope your heart lightens some soon Tom.


Plants look stellar as usual.  :popcorn:

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@gorilla ganja here's a couple crappy pics he sent me of 2 different Auto #5's , I think he popped 5 seeds and got 4 females. Last year he didn't send me pics because he got all males. These plants are at day 35 he says. Not sure if that is from seed or from first signs of flowers.


auto #5 pic 2 - Copy.jpg

auto #5 pic 1 - Copy.jpg

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Thanks for posting up some pics. They look like they are doing well. Nice and healthy. A bigger pot may help next time with size but he's probably limited for space in a tent.

They will be resin producers for sure. Some of the best trichome coverage of any auto I ran yet.


Looking forward to see what they think of the smoke.


Peace GG


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