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Backyard Fun In the Sun, 52North .... 2018

Tynehead Tom

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here's the veg room...... packed and starting to canopy out LOL

I just need 2 more weeks..... veg to the 18th and all the developed seedlings and most of the plants in outer edges, will be starting light dep. I might pull all the 6 week old seedlings out into the flower room starting this coming saturday to get them showing sex. The tallest plant is my keeper cut of @Karma Genetics Old Grandpa Scratch LTD and hard to see but on the left beside it is a very branchy bush of Gorilla Bubble BX2, my #2 cut. I ran this cut last year and it's root mass is pictured above. So those two will get big holes and full season though I may try and induce flowering 2 or 3 weeks ealier than natural flowering..... we'll see. Seedlings for light dep 2 are in the trays below the light and are just getting thier legs. One more week and I'll boost them to 1 gallon pots.






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Batch 1 seedlings, which will go outside for 12/12 light dep have been moved to the flower room to sex. I'll transplant em as they show and leave them on 12/12 till they go outside.

This batch includes Gorilla Bubble Bx2, Gorilla Twin, GG4 x LBL , Prism Og and Strawberry Mandarina S1 . I'm gonna have to cut clones in flower if I wanna save any of these, or reveg them perhaps.

I'll get pics of them in a few days.


Batch 2 seedlings, which include, Pre 98 Bubba Kush S1, Pineapple Headgames 2 , Purplelazerlight III (Grapelazerlite pheno) and Swordfish 2, Ancient Og, valley ghash x 3head dragon and Crumbled lime, . These are at day 18 or 19 ? and looking pretty good. Another week and they will get 1 gallon pots. Couple slow ones in the ancient OG and one of the bubba's and some freaky ones in the antenna beans. Here's some pics of Batch 2.


from left to right in the tray .... 4 x Crumbled Lime , 4 x Ancient Og and 4 x Valley Ghash x 3 Head Dragon



Pineapple Headgames 2


one kinda freaky one



Purplelazerlite III (Grapelazerlite pheno)



Some freaky stuff with this one .... looks like a bird or a jet fighter LOL



Pre 98 Bubba Kush S1



and Swordfish 2


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Guest Oldproseeds

will 2nd that!!


Green house n all is a good thing to have to protect the resins when done!

Doing great man,,keep it coming... 😉


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ya there are "very few" growers up here in my area and climate, growing these kinds of genetics outdoor/greenhouse to maturity with similar to indoor results. It's just not done LOL

52 north and 3000feet elevation. Seasons change over the course of a week or 2 here and storms that can flatten a garden are frequent thru june and early july. The only way any of these genetics can be grown here is in a greenhouse and even then, can't plant outside till mid june and have to run heaters past the 10th of september.

It's a challenge but it's so damn rewarding it just must be done LOL


This year I will do 2 overlapping light deps of 15 to 20 plants each timed 5 weeks apart so that 1st harvest is end of july or before and second harvest is in by Aug 15 to 20. This will leave 2 plants.... maybe 4 not sure yet, that will go full season. For those I have a Gorilla Bubble Bx2 and an Old Grandpa Scratch vegging in #5talls for some time now and plan is to scrog them out as big as I can get them spread out too 😉 each plant will go into 50 gallon holes and I'll alot 4 x 8ft for each scrog net. Dunno if I can spread them out that far but these 2 have a real good head start with lots of branches from topping them out a few times. I'll get pics of those 2 soon..... the pre veg is gonna set them up awesome and they still have one month more of indoor veg to go before they go in thier holes outside. Gonna be big plants by then haha


Just got home with materials to start another 10 x 25 x 10 greenhouse on other side of the yard :rasta.nana:


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Well, construction has started on greenhouse #2 and it will be another 10 x 25 x 10. Got a good start on framing today after spending the morning out ordering egg laying hens for the wife's new chicken coop project...... checked in on the farm up the hwy to see when thier soils will be ready. 100 bucks to fill my big ol 1st gen dodge 3/4 tonne with it's big boy or "real truck" full size box haha . Might get 2 loads this year.


anyhow, pressing on and won't be long before leaves hit sunshine 😉




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That's the partial framing for the 2nd greenhouse and will get it finished today and get the greenhouse poly draped and stapled down over this week. Not sure yet if I'll need to use greenhouse #2 for weed but will be using it for veggies for sure.

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ya it is built in 4 foot sections and the final dimensions should end up being 10 feet wide , 10 feet high (have to check that might be higher) and this one will be 20 feet long actually..... I mistakenly put the dimensions as 10x25x10 in the posts above. I'm actually building this greenhouse for the wife so she can grow more veggies that require greenhouse up here. She wanted to use part of my greenhouse and there just isn't room in these little buildings.

I'm gonna try and get a few plants in there though hehehe 

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So I checked on the "batch A" seedlings and they are all showing sex now.

Barring any hermies showing up the count for female/male ratio goes like this


Gorilla Bubble Bx2 = 1F/4M

Gorilla Twin Bx2     = 4F/1M

GG4 x LBL                = 4F/1M

Prism OG                  = 3F/3M

and if I include the other 10 seedlings I popped with these but started flowering indoors 2 weeks ago......

Strawberry Chunk = 4F/6M


so for the full seed pop of regular beans (not counting 3 strawberry mandarina S1 fems) that makes 16 females and 15 males from 31 seeds. One more reason to always pop twice as many beans as the females you want to end up with.


This sets me up really good for starting light dep with these plants outside on the 19th and I have a few clone moms of Pimp Juice, Scoutbreath, old Grandpa's scratch and some others that will join them. Most of those mums are real nice 2 foot and under bushes having been topped a few times as clones.

I'll be transplanting all these seedlines to 5 gallon grow bags and will get pics of them all when i do  that.

shaping up to be a killer run this one is 🙂

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well I got some pics ..... not the best photographer in the grow room but once these are outside I'll make a solid effort to get nice pics. Might even invest in a better camera and tripod.

anyhow.... 1st pic is some of the "batch 1" seedlings that have been in the flower room sexing and will stay there till the 18th when I'll give them 36hrs darkness to switch them to day time flowering. Got them all transplanted to 3 gallon grow bags which should be adequate for the flowering cycle.

The 1000W veg room is just stuffed with plants LOL It truly is a jungle in there and getting crowded but everything is doing pretty good. Two plants are looking like they need some care but otherwise everything is trucking along. Around the perimeter are plants in #5 pots and a good portion of those will be going outside with the Batch 1 seedlings and will get flowered on light dep. They are real nice bushes now and I'll trim them up and cut clones when I put them outside.

The last pic is the Gorilla Bubble BX2 on left and Old Grandpa Scratch 1 on the right. GB BX2 is a real nice bush and is gonna be huge compared to last year I'm thinking and Old Grandpa scratch is pushing 36" from the soil surface now..... she will be a monster !!! These two are my full season plants and I'm hoping for some epic greenhouse scrog action. They still have 25 days under the 1000W before I put them outside in 65 gallon holes.








gorilla bubble bx2 and old grandpa scratch 1 , both in #5talls ..... gonna be monsters 😉


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Gonna be lots of bigass budds there...

Light dep seems like a lot of work with ur grow style.. But well worth the pain in ur ass must be .. I'm in for the show BRO...


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Ya the garden does consume a good part of my daily routine and running manual light dep means being house bound at flip time every day without fail. Now in the light dep shed where I move the plants, I'm gonna install a light on a timer just in case there are days where I can't be home to do the flip.

Another reason I'm keeping pot size to mostly 3 gallon grow bags so they are highly portable for the twice a day shuffle in and out of the shed.


Running the calendar down into fall..... I really think I need to get plants finishing closer to the end of september vs end of october. Cold temps I can manage but the amount of daily useable light starts to really diminish in october where the plants are only seeing maybe 6hrs direct sun and 9 hrs of meaningful light overall..... not good for a "proper" finish.

That said, 2 seasons in a row now I have been very pleased with the quality regardless.

So if I am calculating things right I need to flip the 2 in ground full season plants manually by July 28 to harvest around Oct 6 , giving 10 weeks flowering time....... I need to fashion some type of light dep enclosure for the Gorilla Bubble Bx2 and the Old Grandpa Scratch 1 that are going in the ground on June 10. Should be doable and I have time to figure it out. I am scrogging them so thier overall footprint should be predictable enough..... and it's all about canopy/tops so I have some ideas that should work for light dep. Will only have to light dep those till end of august and then let them finish on the natural cycle.


plan is to have Batch 1and 2 consist of 20 plants each in 3 and 5 gallon pots , flowering cycles spaced 5 weeks apart.

The full season scrogs are furthering the experiment to see how much yield (of quality genetics) can be pulled from plants in my region/climate when carefully tended, fed and trained.

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also..... I laid 20 or so beans each of Swordfish 2 and something i'm gonna call Blueberry Blaster on a buddy down the road with a small farm. He germinated the works and just texted me that all but one seed has sprouted (72hrs now since soak in paper towels) . I'll probably keep tabs on those and update on them either here or in the Strawberry Hill breeder forum.

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So I need some ideas over here.


I dug the existing holes that fit 18 gallon totes out to 2 ft x 2 1/2 ft and 1 1/2 feet deep . That gives me roughly 56 gallons each hole. The ground here is alkaline, hard packed clay type and I am thinking I'll want a barrier between the garden soil and the natural ground. I dug the holes over 20 inches deep and then back filled with stones to 18 inch average depth. I have black landscape cloth, the contractor grade and I have various items like left over greenhouse poly and standard tarps...... i still want them to have drainage but want to isolate the soil from the natural ground


any suggestions?

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Guest 3rdCoaster
1 hour ago, Tynehead Tom said:

any suggestions?

Cut the bottom out of your old totes or trash cans that fit well.  If you are just looking for separation, contractor grade trash bags or even just black and white poly or ply wood scraps lining the sides  could do the job or the tarps you mentioned.


There is a very good thread on auto light dep controllers and green house automation on the rag titled "Crushing Yuba".  Worth the read.

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5 minutes ago, 3rdCoaster said:

Cut the bottom out of your old totes or trash cans that fit well.  If you are just looking for separation, contractor grade trash bags or even just black and white poly or ply wood scraps lining the sides  could do the job or the tarps you mentioned.


There is a very good thread on auto light dep controllers and green house automation on the rag titled "Crushing Yuba".  Worth the read.


ya.... wood might be a good idea. I gotta buy some untreated cedar 5/8 x 8 inch boards for the raised beds we are adding to the garden again this year so will cut some pieces to box out the holes and drill holes in the bottoms. Still got 3 weeks till the holes need to be filled so lots of time to deal with stuff.


I'd like to fabricate a motorized light dep system but just not in the cards this year. I've read many threads and looked at many designs. I think the plan will be to create tube steel tracks on the ground on the outside of the planting rows. Then arches of PVC or similar would have to be made into a collapsing tunnel with wheels that fit the rails on the ground. The tunnel fabric would bunch up as the tunnel collapses. I can easily build this design and am 100% confident the resulting set up would work awesome...... just not this year hehehe


growing outside here has been a learning curve.

2016 - all plants went full season and in the end was way too many plants, had to fuk around and got mold (fusarium)  from high humidity before flowering started. Learned how to deal with that issue though...... Then I got a crazy yield that blew my mind for this area. PL7 yielded 10+ ounces and got over 9 feet tall...... but that greenhouse got near all day direct sun...... Learned to use the heaters and kept plants alive to end of october despite the snow and -10C temperatures at harvest time LOL Also figured out the scrog outdoors.


2017 - tried my hand at light dep to try and keep overall summer yield up but spread the harvest over the season..... worked great!! zero humidity/mold issues due to changes in greenhouse build and more air space with smaller plants. The scrogs this year worked great but yield suffered due to not as much sun exposure all day like the property had in 2016(we moved). This did not afford the plants enough daylight to properly function the last 3 weeks of ripening phase. The quality was awesome..... the yield was probably 50% overall less than I expected.


So this year..... another approach...... from the light dep last year I learned that I could squeeze 2 light deps into the May to end of August window. Giving these 2 batches the maximum intensity of summer sun they will get here. Should work good I think. Then later , the 2 full season plants, I'll scrog the same way as last year but I think last years plants were limitted by pot size so I have almost tripled it from 18 gallons to 56. These I will fashion a light dep aparatus to start them flowering July 28 , dep them till Aug 30 and then let them finish on thier own with natural light cycle. I think this is a solid plan and hope it all goes off without a hitch. Fingers crossed my world isn't filled with the impending doom of forest fires and the smoke and constant evacualtion alerts we lived under from july to october last year.

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I'd try one with no barrier just to see. Might be some good calcium in that clay. I'd avoid plastic. Last thing you want is standing water on roots. Just a thought.

When The Green Drops The Bullshit Stops

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Guest dawn patrol
2 hours ago, Tynehead Tom said:


 Fingers crossed my world isn't filled with the impending doom of forest fires and the smoke and constant evacualtion alerts we lived under from july to october last year.


Brother, after last summer I would think you're due for a couple summers of perfect weather. 


Of course I always think the same thing about my situation after the hurricanes beat the shit out of us, so YMMV.


Still hoping for the best for ya 👍

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well after doing some research.... the landscape fabric I'm using for greenhouse floor is the non woven type that is commonly used for DYI smart pots..... so I think I will use that and just stab a bunch of holes thru it once it's laid in with some rocks on top. I got 2 more 50ft x 4 ft rolls of it so lots to go around.


2 more days and leaves hit sunshine :monkey-with-glasses-smoking-smiley-emoticon:

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We use to build light dep’s in the woods out of rebar to make a frame around our plants, then put landscape fabric and black poly together and have ropes to pull them over. The landscape fabric really helps it slideif you have a greenhouse (plastic poly) but we usually just built the frame so the plants got direct sun... they can’t affird the helicopters anymore in BC... so unless a good semeritan type direct rats your good too go.. 



im with Tony, I’d do no barrier and sprinkle a cup r two of gypsum around the bottom to loosen things up for ya... the roots will do what they want regardless of what ever your planning!

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