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    West Virginia Marijuana Legalization Bill Filed By Congressional Candidate

    knucklehead bob

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    knucklehead bob

    An Army veteran who already successfully pushed West Virginia to allow medical cannabis is now campaigning for Congress, and full marijuana legalization is part of his platform.

    Richard Ojeda, currently a state senator who sponsored medical marijuana legislation enacted last year, filed a broader legalization bill on Monday.

    The legislation, if enacted, would allow adults over 21 years of age to possess up to four ounces of marijuana at home and two ounces in public. They could also grow four mature cannabis plants and four seedlings.

    The proposal is similar to the noncommercial marijuana legalization law recently enacted in Vermont, which also does not allow sales.

    Ojeda, a Democrat, is running for Congress in West Virginia’s 3rd congressional district. Incumbent Congressman Evan Jenkins (R) is running for U.S. Senate, so the seat is opening up.

    While the district has gone back and forth between the two major parties over time, most recently being held by a Democrat in 2015, it is currently considered “Solid Republican” or “Likely Republican” by political tracking groups.

    But anything can happen between now and November.

    At least three other Democrats are currently running for their party’s nomination for the seat, including a state delegate who voted for Ojeda’s medical cannabis bill.

    Ojeda’s campaign site says that enacting medical cannabis “was only the beginning” of his his marijuana reform work.

    “Through comprehensive cannabis legislation, encompassing decriminalization, medical, and industrial use, we can utilize one of the most medically beneficial and economically viable plants on Earth to fight the opioid epidemic, generate revenue to fund new education and infrastructure initiatives, and address the problem of overpopulation within our state correctional facilities,” it says. “With a comprehensive approach to cannabis policy, we can put West Virginia on a path to a prosperous future and grow a new economy that will benefit the people of our state for generations to come.”


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    knucklehead bob

    Medical cannabis program bill does not pass, State Treasurer wary of industry funds


    CHARLESTON — As the legislative session ended Saturday night, time for the House to consider a bill to make adjustments to the state medical cannabis program ran out, leading to the bill's death.

    The bill, HB 4345, did not make it back to the House floor after the Senate heavily amended the version first passed Feb. 28. The Senate passed its version of the bill around 7 p.m. Saturday, and, despite efforts from some House democrats, the bill was not brought to the full House for consideration. 

    HB 4345 had a number of changes and additions to the medical cannabis program based on recommendations from the Medical Cannabis Advisory Board, a group established by West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources' Bureau for Public Health.


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    knucklehead bob

    Live Blog: W.Va. House Impeaches All 4 Remaining Supreme Court Justices

    The House of Delegates voted Monday to impeach all four remaining justices on the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. Eleven articles of impeachment have been adopted over the course of proceedings that have strectched more than 14 hours.

    Chief Justice Margaret Workman and Justices Robin Davis, Allen Loughry and Beth Walker were all impeached for a lack of administrative oversight of the court. 

    Workman, Davis and Loughry were all impeached for authorizing the overpayment of senior status judges, a violation of state law. 

    Davis and Loughry were impeached for their roles in lavish spending on renovations to their respective court offices. 

    Additional articles of impeachment were adopted that targeted Loughry for his private use of state resources, including furniture, computers and vehicles.

    Former Justice Menis Ketchum announced his resignation from the court just one day before impeachment proceedings began and, as a result, is not subject of the articles. The remainder of his term, which ends in 2020, will be filled by the winner of a special election held in November.

    As for other potential vacancies on the bench, a deadline of Tuesday, Aug. 14 at 11:59 p.m. looms to trigger a special election and fill the remainder of a term. Otherwise, Republican Gov. Jim Justice would appoint any necessary replacements until the next regular election in May 2020.

    The impeached justices will be tried in the state Senate -- with lawmakers from the upper chamber serving as jurors.

    Updated: August 14, 2018 at 8:45 a.m.

    Before adjournining, the House of Delegates adopted a resolution to censure Chief Justice Margaret Workman and Justices Robin Davis, Allen Loughry and Beth Walker. Another resolution that would have censured former Justices Brent Benjamin and Menis Ketchum was referred to the Judiciary Commitee.

    House Democrats also introduced House Bill 201, which would allow for a special election within 120 days to fill vacancies on the bench that occur because of impeachment, conviction in the Senate and removal from office. A motion to suspend rules and bring the bill to the floor was tabled.

    The House adjourned until they are called back by Speaker Pro Tempore John Overington.



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