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Does Your Doctor Get Drug Co. Kickbacks?

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Ever wonder if your Doctor/ s receives an unusually high yearly kickback from the Pharmaceutical companies?

You can search public records easily on this site:



I am quite pleased to discover that the persons I trust to my medical care do not, whew.

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Smokin Joe

My gp doctor is on the list but looks like he only gets lunch.

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Nope but my doc dose make house calls... Good thing too... We are a total wreck today... Sinus infections and the flu.... FML

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dawn patrol

My Dr not only doesn't take money from big pharma, he also refuses to take insurance.  His decision was as much about the manpower it took to process insurance claims as it was about their interference in treatment.

Really pissed me off at first, but then I realized - I'm paying a professional to do his job with no interference from the government or an insurance company.

Been seeing him for 8 years, he stopped accepting insurance 5 years ago and I've never looked back.

Not bashing insurance, I still have it, but when your doctor tells you about a treatment or prescription, ask them "Is this what you think is best, or is this what my insurance will cover?"

You will quickly realize how much influence your insurance company has regarding your treatment.

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