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  2. Here is a very interesting video. In it, the doctor mentions a few times our culture being hijacked, and THC content being pushed through the roof. He doesn't go into great detail on it, but it did involve the CIA, Huxley, and other nefarious individuals.
  3. I made a bad example. It could have been a tree planted wrongly by a human, we can still fix it . I just choose to look for the silver linings in a dark world. We can beat ourselves up over shit, and talk about how doomed our prophecies are, or we can manifest some shit and get work done. After all, isn't it the words we speak that manifest the reality we choose. I choose to see and speak on the light I see in humanity and the world around us. Nature isn't all pretty, or just. Fuck, dolphins are nasty rapists to outsiders. We all got this. It's never too late.
  4. I dig what you are saying @zombug but I do not believe a human is special because the human thinks it knows were a tree should be.....the human does not. I believe taking a tree that is growing naturally, and take it from the ground forcefully then put it where the human thinks is best....drives my point home, that humans believe they are special when they are not...humans are pompous and ignorant, and blindly confident, because they believe they are separate. Nature is God. God is nature. Creator and destroyer. If God is everywhere God is nature. We are a part of it, and that is it. The only thing again that separates us "humans" from nature is.....We destroy it and call it invention....We sex traffic cannabis plants to makes us rich instead of letting it grow. We line trees up just to cut them down, we dig up what we do not need to survive, we puncture holes in the earth to fuel machines that only make us and the planet sicker..... But hey....the closer the world is to dieing the closer the prophecies are fulfilled......We have been duped. We are no longer taught how to live freely only how to work willingly.... It's difficult to say exactly what to do, but the change begins with me, and I reflect it back to you, and you and you....
  5. I agree on all of this, other than humans are not special. There might be a lot of shitty ones on Earth, but we are still special. What other animal can dig up and replant a tree where it is better suited? Or set the wing of an injured eagle? Who else can tend to so many different creatures on Earth? No other being is capable of stewarding the land the way humans are. We are amazing. Just as you said, Nature cannot convert our mess. It is up to us. Just because something is gotten by ill means, like slave labor, does not equate it to being inherently bad. Sex slaves are an abomination to human rights, yet sex is an amazing experience when shared between consenting individuals.
  6. If we all just became self sustaining, instead of consumers of the illusion. When I say Illusion, I mean, the things being sold are not needed, they take away from Earth, and Earth cannot convert these things back to natural state. Vehicles, Skyscrapers, Iphones.....these things are made of materials being dug out by slave children in africa and beyond, and cannot be composted back into Earth's cycle. If we just accepted the fact, humans are not special, humans are no different in nature....the only things that make them different is they will destroy the planet in which they live in, eat themselves to death and disease while others starve, and they will travel across oceans to fight eachother for.....i don't even know anymore. Grow your own food, create relationships with your community and live off the Earth you were born onto......to think you are a special group of 144, 000 souls that will be lifted up into the air, to be taken to an eternal kingdom of peace......is all in your mind. I have seen people take their last breath.....you will see what you have been indoctrinated to see in your mind. Death is a very energetic experience. The mind lives on after the body no longer responds to your brain. NO matter what scenario may play out.....we gotta eat, stay warm, sheltered and aware.....if we don't do those things, everyones life span goes to zero. Either way good people.....whom ever has the correct view on this, whether it is the Bible believers, the doomsday prepper, or the Human living on earth.....I wish you all the best of luck, and I send you lots of love These things are verifiable and true!!!!
  7. I was saving 5G for tomorrow.....hahahahahahaha They will never finish the narrative. The propaganda outlets may point certain things out but they NEVER connect the dots like we are trying to do here https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2019/03/10/590635/Young-Democrats-break-Americas-biggest-taboo--criticism-of-Israel Almost ALL of the world's nuclear power plants are far beyond the lifespan they were engineered to last and just ONE that melted down has poisoned the entire Pacific Ocean. https://sputniknews.com/europe/201903091073079588-nuclear-plantin-scotland/ Nuclear power plants generate 14 percent of the world's electricity, but some countries are more dependent on this power source than others. France relies on nuclear for 75.2 percent of its electricity; the United States, about 20 percent. Fukushima is STILL pumping sea water in and out of the damaged reactors and most of the Pacific Ocean is already dead and everything alive in it is highly radioactive. NO mention of this ever. https://www.sott.net/article/332036-Fukushima-radiation-has-contaminated-the-entire-Pacific-Ocean-and-its-only-getting-worse Does anyone remember "the franklin cover-up"? https://www.collective-evolution.com/2019/03/08/deputy-assistant-secretary-to-george-h-w-bush-says-he-bush-groomed-played-with-little-boys/ Here is the eye opening book about much more than child trafficking and abuse. I consider it a must read, if you are a reader https://www.wanttoknow.info/mk/franklin-cover-up.pdf US & Israeli weapons found in abandoned terrorist positions in Syria. The CIA and Israel paid and supported "terrorists" to attempt to overthrow Syria. Before the war Syria was a model of peace and secularism. Muslims, Jews, Christians and several other minor religions living under a secular government. http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13971218000359
  8. Man, talk about a ton of talking points. The Chinese government is scary, and they have figured out how to make civilians even more competitive, and even less compassionate in their gamification of the credit-score system. I lump the whole Qanon in with this same sort of tactic. Health care, what an ironic name. It is indeed not your health they are caring for. If the person you entrust your health with does not know who Dr. Joel Wallach is, then you would be doing yourself a great injustice to let that person touch or instruct you a minute longer. Although Dr. Wallach might not be the be-all, end-all, he knows his shit, and it is because of him solely that we know what we do about minerals in the body, and he has continuously fought for our rights to supplements. We all owe this man a great deal of gratitude. Vaccines, uggghhhh. I'll say this, I am third generation American (unfortunately I'm really a US Citizen), but my family was all unvaccinated, I was not vaccinated, and neither will my children be vaccinated. In a world where Western Medicine has clearly proven itself to be solely concerned with their bottom line, I cannot see needing to improve upon my health system with their unaccountable waste products. If you can study the above doctor, glean the knowledge without getting hung up on the details, and use it in agriculture, it is easy to see how having a strong immune system is sufficient. I've sat next to a person with confirmed measles at the ER, and both my babies and I walked away uninfected. How could that be??? I'd give the subject a sliver of attention if the vaccines came from private businesses with open books as to their funding and sources, as well as complete disclosure of clinical trials and a compensation program already outlined should anything go wrong. Many businesses are required to have contingency plans when seeking financing. Fuck Elon, and especially all the dribble about him losing clearance after smoking on the Joe Rogan Experience. Joe Rogan is another paid shll. Here is some fun about him. This kid put in some work. The CIA disclosed over a decade ago they were using chem-trails to do weather "experiments". We all are very aware of the existance of HAARP, although many don't know this technology was used on Japan in WWII. I have almost given up on trying to breath air, and begun looking at getting masks to wear whenever out and trails are evident. What is to stop these people from spraying Atrazine, a known chemical to cause individuals to become gay. It is crazy. They seem to trail pretty hard the nights before these last couple fires broke out on the West Coast. As for the weather, I don't know. A lot of ancient maps show people around Northern Canada, Greenland, etc all wearing shorts and no shirts. Maybe these fuckers froze our shit up. All the ice in the world that is in the ocean could melt tomorrow, and it would not rise. My 7 year old can demonstrate this with precise rhetoric. And how dare you violate my rights to freedom of speech!!! Just kidding. I am honestly all for the removal/banning of internet pornography. I will confess, I had quite an issue with watching porn. I'd spend way to much of my time watching porn, and that is from several issues that have been since resolved. But in that time, and having grown up as the internet grew, pornography on the internet has changed. It is impossible to scroll on half the sites without having to see gay and transvestite porn, as well as the huge rise in incest porn. The stuff is becoming more and more degrading, but hey, girls walk around claiming to be sluts, so something must be going right. I'm sure glad my wife grew up before most girls became pin cushions. You left out one of the biggest topics though, and that is, What are we going to do about all these damn 5G towers. It is simply put, the government preparing for war. And they are now happy to give you federally legal medical cannabis, pending you give up your guns. Dan Kittredge is an amazing man to listen to for soil science, and re-mineralizing your body.
  9. ..................... Ok, we can jump to and from through time and topics and never get to what matters the most and that is what is going on in the world now and where we may be going in the near future. So here are some articles that I found today that you will not see on ANY of the television propaganda streams. The Chinese system is the Globalists' chosen model for the future of the world. It is far more dystopian than even the future presented in the book 1984. https://newspunch.com/millions-chinese-banned-travel-social-credit-system/ If you trust your doctor and the medical industry, you need to do some research, their job is to FIND something wrong with you whether there IS something wrong or not. https://newspunch.com/doctors-diagnosing-healthy-people-cancer-make-money/ This is what happens to medical technology and techniques that actually WORK https://newspunch.com/the-suppressed-medical-technology-of-royal-raymond-rife/ Vaccines would be fine if they were regulated, clean, tested and not pumped into still rapidly developing infants. Vaccine manufacturers got Congress to pass legislation recently, that moved all potential liability for future vaccine damage claims on the US Government, ie the people. They will never have to pay for what they did to generations of our children, those same children will have to pay for what has been done to them by these monsters we call Pharmaceutical Companies. The Autism epidemic IS caused by the adjuncts crossing the blood brain barrier in children, it is more prevalent in boys because girls tend to have a thicker membrane. http://fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/health/vaccinations/news.php?q=1552058971 Zuckerburg and Bezos (who also banned anti vacs from Amazon, technically , he burned the books and the videos) are Globalist operatives, all of the tech giant heads are, yes even Elon Musk, although he is the dreamer in the bunch who actually cares about Humanity http://fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/media/censorship/news.php?q=1552148357 If you don't believe in chemtrails then you must never look at the sky.... https://newspunch.com/neurosurgeon-chemtrails-alzheimers-dementia-parkinsons-als/ Ice core samples clearly show that the Earth goes through cycles of cooling and warming, and the data says we are on the precipice of a 30 year period of cooling, far worse for Humanity than a little warming https://newspunch.com/weather-channel-founder-exposes-the-global-warming-scam/ Russia did this last year. If you think it is wrong then you must not have a prepubescent, internet savy child....It's bad enough that they find it so easily in their early teens....This makes it much harder for them to view it. https://newspunch.com/uk-government-blocks-online-pornography/
  10. I apologize. I was definitely in the wrong to ever say anything.
  11. O K folks , @Oldproseeds has been absent from this thread for some time but part of Z-Labs for a while longer . I've never heard him cry about people not buying his beans as has been claimed . You two can further your back & forth through the message system .
  12. HAHAHAAHAHA. At least you got the "Trump sucks dogshit right" I didn't say you were anywhere else crying. I was just surprised you still made cry-sac posts about people not buying your gear. It's been the same story, FireStax, Cannazon, Breedbay, seedjunkies, etc... delusions of grandeur and paranoia make for a bad time. Look how pissed you are. I just made a clear observation of your behavior, and you throw around the hate. Chocolate and cannabis help with PMS man.
  13. TOLD YA ONCE AND TELL YOU ALL AGAIN SINCE TRUMP IS IN OFFICE IM NOT SELLING SEED! peace out....try picking on somebody else if that's all your good for haters...i give 2 shits about anybody liking my beans... retired no need of money ok, just fucking chilling till i seen this CRAP? From what i have grown from other breeders....my strains are way better in all areas! Oh im giving away free G13 hazes at my Instagram page about it lately.... id rather spread the LOVE than dwell in hatred acting like the victims hahaha.... have a great DAY!
  14. HEYA TRUMP LOVING ASSESS still bowing to your new KING SHIT hahahaha! Oh how haters just have to pick on folks huh......GET A FUCKING LIFE @zombug and go to hell with your hatred..... what the FUCK i EVER do to your lame ass? TRUMP SUCKS DOGSHIT....and is on his way OUT!!!! So,,you said I'm still around on other sites complaining-WHERE BUDDY? i only post HERE for your info smart fart hehehe! THIS THREAD IS LAME AND ONLY HATERS ENJOY THIS SHIT PILE OF LIES n PROPAGANDA AND I GET BLAMED FOR GETTING PISSED???????? just look MODS at the posts at ME,,,OP
  15. If this video is really depicting Mars then I would say their is a distinct possibility that it was once inhabited by humans
  16. After watching the flat earth thread and all the depressing, heavy topics we have recently discussed here that it would be fun to post this SHORT video about something very interesting, that doesn't remind us about the dark, oppressive control system we live under.
  17. History by definition is the study of past events, particularly in human affairs. To be sure , history can be affected by some one telling his version of history or his story . It's my understanding that their are over 200 versions of creation history across earth that are all very similar & basically tell the same story . People have infected history with religion as a means to divide & conquer the same way The Democrat/Republican party have infected the USA with our Democratic Dictatorship or what is commonly referred to as "DEMOCRACY".
  18. Because I love all, and I find this man's quest for Truth to be beautiful, here is another song from his heart! I am mesmerized how someone like him, indoctrinated in such a strict religion, began traveling, and shed so many layers of misconceptions and stigmas. He cut is hair, which I don't necessarily agree with but was in protest to his people, he dropped preaching from the Torah and Talmud, he stopped vilifying cannabis, and the tone in his music changed dramatically with a tone of inner-peace. He might not be everyone's cup of tea, but if one can see the forest through the trees, he just wants light, Truth. Ultimately, I think Frank Zappa said it best in, “The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” This is clearly where we are in life. We can discuss with great fun what could have been, and use all our Trivium to dig deeper. However, this game is up. The banks are starting to cash in. I voted Stein, as if my vote mattered, but Trump is doing exactly what I expected to happen when he took office. He is going to cash out in some ways, but ultimately, he is bringing this Babylonian whore to her knees. I only hope families don't have to suffer in the process, and that is where I will do my part. Do you think these perpetrators, with guns to their heads or in their mouths, will tell us our past? Do you think they will oblige us anything? The same people who have a country crying, "iTs FOr thE KEEds" arguing for vaccines, arguing for abortion, arguing for disarmament, arguing for everything that contradicts itself. More Division. That damned division. These people will take to the guillotine with smiles on their faces, knowing they can never run the game back. Their greed sealed their fate, and their actions should forever be a lesson against greed and power. I feel when these evil beings are gone, there will be some people who have been safe-guarding knowledge arise up, and we will begin to learn more and more at true exponential rates. Shepherds come and go. It is the sheep dog that the wolf fears.
  19. Not AT ALL what i was expecting! Please continue if you have the time today, I have meetings all morning and a big conference to attend at the convention center this afternoon. I hope to have the time to respond in much more detail tonight. I would imagine all the people reading this thread without posting or reacting are interested, if not at least a little entertained....Is that enlightenment around the next corner or a fucking trainwreck? hahahahaha I guess time will tell....
  20. My beliefs....I believe in a divine creator/energy. I believe it speaks to us through everything around us, and when we are in tune with this energy, we know when we venture from the Right Hand Path, the North Road, whatever have you. I believe "heaven" is moving on, and "hell" is being recycled. Where did we diverge? I assure you, my beliefs do not affect any of those posts, as I approach this topic as a pure scholar. I seek only Truth, not assurance of my beliefs. So when I say things like, "Queen Elizabeth 1st pardoned the apostles", I say this in a sense of stating what has been read. This statement does not mean I believe those men to be "apostles", or of God. Many of these religious books all can be tied together, and their supporting books, such as the various ones I provided under similar titles, with very similar names, save the outlier, Ivan iv. The OPRITCHNINA is a beautiful example. I am guessing all the Biblical reference is what may pertain to our "diverge", although I don't think we ever do brother. You could give these characters any name in the world, I don't care. They are dead, I am hoping, so the only thing knowing their true names would do is giving us a seek & destroy list. The Biblical references, along with the KANUN, Koran, and Testament all show their lack of creativity, and their absurd desire to rub their misdoings in our faces. I use the Biblical references more often, because it is more likely for someone to have a recollection of who I speak about using names like Solomon, or the Apostles and their individual names. Could these men do great acts. I don't know. Does it really matter. I don't know. Nations were destroyed, people killed, history changed, and people enslaved. That is all that matters. I mean, we willingly accept fractional banking for crying out loud. So we have to place these events together, the crusades, Spanish Conquisition, etc..and the one thing we are so lucky to have had happen is the isolation of Russia, and the inability to repopulate it in the manner they did so throughout the world. Russia is to this day still rebuilding from the chains of events we were told happened during those times. of Ivan the terrible, and in much of that we can see concrete evidence of timelines overlapping. So if I had to make a statement, I believe that if we were to speak of these men's real names, Solomon really is Ivan iv, not Solomon, or Solomir, etc. Ivan iv. had a great friend, St. Paul, who many people thought to be the same as the apostle. But many different Bibles speak of Paul having ulterior plans. This is supported by him betraying Ivan iv, and using further linguistic manipulation techniques, he and his buddy who became the King of France invented the French language. Through their travels to conspire with the Roman empire, they spent time in many jails, for speaking in tongues, or French, which nobody knew at the time. So at this point, with the aid of the Romans they had conspired with, they rewrote the Bible, changing birth places and so forth, yada yada yada. But the beauty in their new Bible was that they created Catholicism, implementing banks, and loans. Excerpt time: Lets tell a fun story of manipulation, also known as the Mandela effect, and how we can tie in some of the math manipulation. After all what is division. Sects can divide, but how do you divide numbers, or actual objects. Natural law requires you prove something is capable, and division simply is not. Your first clue at how horrific math and banking is. Multiplication, as seen in that crazy video I posted is not what we are taught in grade school. The division and multiplication skills we are taught in school are basically just gamification of addition. True multiplication is exponential. So in the Bible, a character named Solomon ruled, and two women fought over who was rightful parent of a child. Wise King Solomon suggested they divide the child in half, not Naturally possible, but the jesuit/deceiver was all about it. Newer Bibles do not differentiate between the two women's race or religion, although older text did. Did the story really happen? Does it matter? What does matter, is that there are little stories, real or not, that continuously rub every little infringement they have taken on our sovereign rights. Now back to it. So the person who was fixing the world at that time, in our real-life made up story line, was Ivan the terrible, but they don't tell it so. There is much you can find on his true youth, not the propaganda published on him, that initiates a clear deception of his character and actions. He was uniting all of Rus, Rus'ya, what have you, only it wasn't the land mass we now know as Russia. It was much more the closer to the seas on the West, you know, all the nations freed after dissolving the Soviet Union! Ivan was banging shit out, and who did not like it, the Oligarchs, rich Rus'yans. Perhaps Tesla, if he really existed, was able to do so much free work under Ivan making things possible through unification. Back then, as you have suggested, money didn't exist. So for someone to build and build, and be lavish was silly. I know, it can be hard to not picture poverty stricken Russia or the other lies we have been indoctrinated with. So these Oligarchs wanted to feel special, they wanted to feel more than the commoner among them, who had all the same things that matter in life, food, gorgeous clothes, a family, only lacking the desire to create a hoard. These Oligarchs teamed up with the Roman/French team spoken of earlier, and lay waste to everyone and everything in their path. Life events were changed into His-story, and we have been bound to the dollar and oil since. They even went out of their way with that little Disney flick, Anastasia, to really make those poor Oligarchs look so oppressed. They indoctrinate our young under our very noses. I want to put it out there, that through passion and talking about such topics, it is really easy for people to get offended with religious labels being thrown about. It would be wise for everyone to understand most of us have made the distinction between practicing religions, races/tribes, or just people who happen to be affiliated. It would be a huge burden to make that distinction every instance one of those terms is used. If a reader/conversationalist lacks the grammar and Trivium to intelligently infer without casting emotion, then I suggest they not involve their self. I will show a lot of passion when I speak of those who have done harm to us, and our children. I speak of the Jewish filth in Hollyweird because that is what Weinstein, Levins, and such are, filth. They are not filth for being Jewish. They are Jewish. They are filth. It just so happens they are both. Same for the Catholic scum in the Vatican and churches throughout the world, or the Christian pedos who wear crowns, and have their long distant cousins rule over their island of embezzlement and lab rats. The Empire of "The City" rules us all. And I'll put one more thing out there on the subject of hate, and that is if a person thinks some Confederate flag touting redneck hates Muslims and Slavs, Buddy, they haven't ever been to France. Those motherfuckers have more hate for that area of the world than anything I have ever seen, and that was back in 1997. I'm sure there's more to what I wanted to say, but a start is a start.
  21. @zombug I looked at some of you links, at this point I am not buying any books and some of the other links are in French. I don't speak nor read French. At this point though, I am more curious about your religious background and beliefs. Please tell me, maybe write a synopsis of what you believe and how you arrived at those conclusions without using links or evidence, just your thoughts. If you don't want to post it here in the thread then send it to me in a DM. I need this information in order to move forward in our discussion on this alleged timeline revision. We agree on so much of the more recent goings on in the world so I want to find the divergence point so we can try to reconcile this.
  22. I wouldn't doubt if we have 'soldiers' on our soil that are really UN troops. It is crazy how many hunters willingly gave up their rifles, to shoot only slugs. Rifles are everything when it comes to defense.
  23. I was under Marshall Law in Greensburg, KS, cleaning up the mess after the EF-5 tornado wiped the town off the map. National Guard had tanks, there were 'soldiers' everywhere, we slept on cots in tents, but Truth did FEMA feed us like kings. If you have a social security number and birth certificate, you certainly made it hard to win. But you can do it. The best means is to have a child, and not give them these burdens. However, being produced/"birthed" by someone already having a social security number, a "Dock"tor will try to fill out the certificate of goods "Birth Certificate". You must stop this, although technically the parent gave up those rights by not challenging them when their parents filled out their Birth Certificate. Your child would then be able to bring into this world truly free babies, void of any contract. This abomination known as Admiral Law is the same way they justify slaughtering our babies, pulling them out breach (beach), and slitting their neck while the head and "bow" remain in the womb, that is the sea of the mother. It is atrocious.
  24. Maybe that is why it has not been done. This was a real plan and the military personal we asked if they would do it. So it may happen when the time is right, like when they remove all of the rifles. There is a puropse for wanting rifles not handguns right!
  25. If UN troops ever try to occupy America, they will ALL go home in body bags!
  26. Bam, but here we go. Time to trash their timeline, and lay out out some Truths. We can hold certain that many of the Apostle's had different names depending on what towns/countries they were traveling to. We can hold this to be Truth, as evident throughout the gospels, Andrew was Peter, Paul was Saul, etc. We can equate this in some manner to how countries names can sound entirely different when spoken in different languages, Acadian = Cajun. So who are some other figures that we can investigate from that timeline? One of the best is King Solomon. That's what many know him as. Perhaps you have heard his other names? Solomin, Lord Cosaque, or perhaps Ivan IV, who the new rulers claimed as Ivan the Terrible. I won't go further without providing you with some evidence. So we have Solomon, who in biblical reference built the Great Hagia Sofia. Where was this built? Jerusalem. Old Jerusalem, not the Palestinian land. Old Jerusalem is Moscow, which was never part of Rus'ya. http://chronologia.org/en/how_it_was/06_11.html Solomon wrote works though as well, and you can find these "different" works under different names: Solomin the Magnificent wrote the "Turkish KANUN" Ivan iv wrote the "OPRICHNIINA" not to be confused with that wicked Mandela effect Oprichnina Solomon wrote "The Testament" Lord Cosaque wrote the Koran of Othman. Othman meaning "Chief Cossack" in Syriac, "Ottomon" in Turkish, and "Ataman" in Slavic. Mind the titles on these two, see the words. https://archive.org/stream/ivanterrible00waliiala/ivanterrible00waliiala_djvu.txt https://archive.org/stream/letestamentduna01drumgoog/letestamentduna01drumgoog_djvu.txt Ivan iv, not so terrible eh? https://www.czipm.org/ivan-the-terrible.html Other people from those eras; Constantin = Goliath, or his son Goliath. https://pure.royalholloway.ac.uk/portal/files/23092919/Whelan_thesis_final_version.pdf Jesus = Issa Ibn Maryam, even the muslims recognize in their religion he was born of immaculate conception, however, he makes no claim to be the son of God. So we have one of these apostles, Paul, or St. Paul, who convened with his friend 'Lerian' who became Francois the 1st, the first King of France, wrote the Nazarean French Bible, placing Jesus' birth in the City of Nazareth, also known as Saint Nazaire in Galilee, Gallia meaning Gaul, as in Galatians. When they made this Bible, the created the French language, in 1524, being a combination of Slavic and Syriac. The Bible was printed in Antwerp. https://books.google.com/books?id=GZshAQAAMAAJ&pg=PA152&lpg=PA152&dq=Queen+Elizabeth+1+pardons+the+Apostles&source=bl&ots=mJsxsyNgvm&sig=ACfU3U2zSiXpIrcOcgY6pYAnPBtWaRXiZg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjRte_m2OngAhWY_J4KHb2FC3UQ6AEwC3oECAwQAQ#v=onepage&q=Queen Elizabeth 1 pardons the Apostles&f=false https://books.google.com/books?id=9ZpdAAAAcAAJ&pg=PA246&lpg=PA246&dq=queen+elizabeth+1+pardons+apostle+paul&source=bl&ots=Xigvi8di70&sig=ACfU3U14aC0iHiiTSIYZas8gBDbPvnHhOA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwii9rzr0OngAhXM854KHS-KCIgQ6AEwD3oECAMQAQ#v=onepage&q=queen elizabeth 1 pardons apostle paul&f=false During these times, the apostles were arrested for speaking their new language, and released by Queen Elizabeth 1st https://ebooks.adelaide.edu.au/d/dickens/charles/d54ch/chapter31.html St. Paul would found the "Society of Jesus", "the Bank of Catholocism" in 1540, with the aid of Ignatius of Loyola and St. Frances, and they moved the birth of Isa Ibn Maryam from Galilee to Palestine. This is where they began using Banks, and Usury Loans. http://cedricleclercq46.blogspot.com/ Before this we had unlimited free electricity, no need for oil, gasoline, coal, and such. We were steward to the land, and masters of the elements. We had no need to work, besides to do work. You can feel it coming back. The Mandela Effect is real, as is Auschwitz Syndrome. "It is easier to fool people, than it is to convince them they've been fooled."
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