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  1. What's new in this club
  2. No , we just try to keep things civil , which with you , is proving to be difficult .
  3. Hey I do have something to add. I think that if OldPro stays in the club and asks questions or challenges my perspective it will make this thread all the better! So I really do invite you to stay my brother, all I want is you to treat us with respect and I promise we will treat you with respect. We are all adults here and we are trying to rise above the bullshit. If you think I am a blind Trump supporter you need to reread the thread, you missed some stuff. He is scary and dangerous, with him, you never know what you are going to get. But for now, since he is surrounded by Americans who want good things for this country and the world, he is our best option. That in itself is sad but you take the cards you are dealt and you play your hand. Now there is a Trump card in play and it could go either way but I guarantee you one thing, the military will not let him start world war 3. Any way, still busy working on projects, I look forward to a nice break after I wrap these things up. I wish the best for everyone and I look forward to being able to spend more time here in the near future! One Love! & Peace Out!
  4. Pretend I'm from Missouri . . . show me
  5. Stop beating yourself up Oldpro and go tend to you garden brother, I am sure your plants need you. I have yet to attack you, you are attacking you, me and anyone else who doesn't agree with your opinion. I am just trying to get you to give YOU a rest. Stop wasting your time, my time and everyone else's time. We all only get so much and I personally have much better things to do with mine. I don't need to show off my plants but I do have some I think the others will find very unique and interesting. For now, what I share on here other than this thread is private. We will be fine here without you and hey as far as I am concerned you are welcome to stay in the club and read. Ask questions, don't, doesn't matter to me. But we are not going to put up with you screaming and whining in here. I made this thread for those who could rise above all the bullshit. Please try to do that and you are very welcome to say! Have a Nice Day!
  6. After all that LINK i dropped was NOT to be a fucking thread for your info @Enoch Warlock you all just HAD TO JUMP in and slam me puh whatever dudes,,,keep attacking me! Mods are Gods right! and fools follow trump in his sinking guilty criminal ship hahahaha.....go ahead jump in the lake
  7. OK so it is just FINE when other attacked me for fucking dropping a link?...then attacking me PERSONALLY???? i fucking NEVER ATTACKED A MEMBER HERE EVER PERSONALLY ok pal....puh? i see it is JUST FINE for a dude to print a whole page attack! some fucking stupid followers club hahahaha.... no big deal im OUT this trump licking pen! PEACE back to growing WEED and that is something id like to see from the WARLOCK??? does he even post weed pics,,or just a talker... Op
  8. Aha Woohoo!! I'm a natural!! Lol
  9. Just left click & scroll over that which you wish to quote as if to copy & paste and you will get a pop up that says Quote selection & click on it It may take more than once
  10. Amen Hallelujah That's the words I was looking for, I just couldn't find the diplomatic tact. Kudos @knucklehead bob
  11. I thought he told you to just call him vlad? Shit, did I just out myself???? In June, y'all are gonna have to show me how to quote snippets of posts, that was a shit ton of deleting, lol
  12. Barry Soetoro’s current theme song...
  13. Hugs brother :) We all have different styles of communication and believe me, I do appreciate the humor! Perfection is non existent and once I realized that striving for it was a lesson in futility, I became happier :) Positive changes begin individually. With each word and action I am affecting change in some small way, even if only w/ in myself. I also know there is a ripple effect, as I have witnessed it first hand. All any of us who give a hoot can do is to be accountable and practice being mindful of our words/ actions. Forget perfection!
  14. Do I get any credit for at least not attacking him personally and directly? hehehehe At the moment, the liberals ARE the biggest problem in America, most of the people who are coming to the Libertarian center are jumping off the Republican ship. I have to point at the problem as well as commend those who are beginning to realize the only place to be IS in the CENTER
  15. You are right imi, I try to stay above it all but I have been a warrior and defender of America for a long time and I am still trying to overcome that! Thanks for putting me in check! I am still far from a perfect man but I am really trying!
  16. Retaliating in kind is not very Zen, js. Calling names (liberal fucktards etc...) is in poor form also, imho. Rise above :)
  17. Thanks Bob, I love the efficiency you use to get your point across! I am the opposite, I trust you find the value in my way as well! Muahahahaha
  18. @Oldproseeds , what is not good for this site is you're inability to conduct yourself as an adult & it is really becoming tiresome . . . If you cannot conduct yourself according to policy , kindly remove yourself from this Club .
  19. Wow @Oldproseeds We left your thread because you were crying that everyone was ganging up on you, I DID THAT FOR YOU, thought I was doing you a favor. It has taken you weeks and weeks of waiting for us to react or act out on your thread and when you realized it was dead, you found mine and came here to attack me. That is ok, I feel sorry for you pal...I really do. You got me! Oh shit! I am busted. Ok guys, here is the truth since Oldpro has found me out and taught me a lesson. I am a double agent, I work for Russia and I infiltrated Z-Labs to divide it and conquer it for Mother Russia. This forum is a key asset in the fight between America and Russia. I sure hope Putin doesn't punish me to bad or poison me with radiation or a nerve agent! I tried my best to achieve my secret mission but it was all for naught. Everyone should thank Oldpro for cornering me and making me confess! It is so hard to type right now, I am Soooooo scared of my Master Putin! Now I don't know how I am going to get out of America! It is not safe for me now that I have been outed by the master spy, critical thinker, researcher and RED Blooded American @Oldproseeds I have been so busy lately working for my Lord and Savior Vladimir Putin that I have not been able to post here but when I saw through email that this guy had joined our club and attacked me in my own thread, I could not help but sign in and respond...I felt threatened and oh no, he got me! Wah! Wah! I guess you joined to see what you were missing and when you found out, it enraged you so much that you had to attack me in a desperate attempt to save all of the others who were engaging and discussing things in a mature adult manner without any attacks, prejudices or obfuscations (look that one up Oldpro) Now I am using a big word to force you to google the definition LMFAO. Thank you dude, I needed a laugh, doing Putin's work is hard and there is no humor in it. The Politics area was taken down and then there were discussions had and it was agreed that it would be put back up as a club you had to choose to join, it was fine until @Oldproseeds decided he wanted to talk out of his ass and attack me. That is ok with me, if it is ok with the others, I can take it. I want it to remain an open club anyone can join so others and newbies have a chance to read it and get their bearings and make their own decisions, since that is one of the core tenants of AMERICAN FREEDOM. I acknowledge your right to attack me Oldpro, that is freedom of speech and I have spent so much time in America since I finished my secret agent training in Vladivostok, that the American rights and freedoms have rubbed off on me. Putin is going to be so mad he is going to kill me, guess I am stuck in the greatest country on Earth now, oh well, I guess I have to suffer since I have been outed. Thank you so much for coming into my thread and stirring up shit, I am sure many others will join just to watch us spar and hey publicity is publicity, good or bad. What we talk about here is confusing to most and this little diddy we are doing right here will probably convince some who are sitting on the fence watching the show and reading the posts to join in and state their opinions or ask the questions they have. For some reason, Humans love drama and I just don't bring that to the table so let's hear it for @Oldproseeds for bringing the drama to Reading Between the Lines on Current Events. I have been so busy trying to overthrow America, I forgot how important this thread was. Thank you so much for watching MSNBC and memorizing everything you hear and see there. If it weren't for you, I would have to watch it myself to see what the liberal fucktards were saying. Thank you for being a good American Oldpro and doing my work for me. Thank you for your service to my overlord King Vladimir Putin. Now, that I am done with that I will posit a question: If America and Russia are really enemies, why do they work together so well on the ISS (International Space Station) didn't want Oldpro to have to google something...God forbid. Last but not least, I don't want your seeds Oldpro. you made them and if I smoke your shit, I might end up like you! You keep yours and I'll keep mine and all the others so many here have so graciously shared with me. Thank you all for being you, doing what you do and running a really democratic and open forum. But thank you the most Oldpro, like I said, there is no humor in what I really do and I really needed a laugh. Now that I have had that, I guess I will go cry now because with people like you out there still at this point, I am not sure if we will ever achieve world peace and collective prosperity for every man, woman and child on Mother Earth. Have a great day my friends, I wish you only the best, when I finish overthrowing the government in Nicaragua I will be back here full time again. But really, one more time, I have to say thank you sir, you Oldpro, you guarantee my job security and I just can't thank you enough for that! Muahahahahahaha That's all from me now folks! Now I am going to go cry.....
  20. HEY BUDDY BOY,,why the fuck are you so in LOVE WITH the MURDERER PUTIN???? Saying to these cool people that the russia thing is fake like trump is just like LAME.....better yet are you a RUSSIAN TROLL????? sent to ruin this site by the order of PUTIN maybe,,,for the love of god that man is a murderer stone cold killer and thief of his people's money... NOW PUTIN IS WORTH 200 BILLION DOLLARS PAL @Enoch Warlock You act like your an insider man,,bullshit....so nobody has the rights to push RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA on us cannabis folks in here.. what is the SHIT are you from America? im just standing up for AMERICA as i know whats actually going on,,and im not gonna grab stupid links to show shit just to argue not my thing! Tell you what man,,if you LOVE RUSSIA SO MUCH and seem to kiss Putin's ass so gushy woozy way not MOVE TO RUSSIA and see how he treats his people? RUSSIA FELL APART ON IT's own pal....nobody is trying to cause a WAR with Russia ok...and blaming Obama and Kerry id say is just a right wing thing i guess, just because he was a black man,,weak he was NOT,,what you don't remember OBAMA FACING PUTIN MAN TO MAN TELLING HIM TO CUT THE SHIT NOW! my man BIG O helped the cannabis industry like NO other President ever will..put that in your pipe and smoke it man and cool off on this propaganda deal, besides how many people are we really talking with 5 or 10 puh in this lonely assed site??? JUST SAYING,,my efforts are worth the same? Never thought id see this kind of brainwashed mind posting to help PUTIN in this site like a TROLL from RUSSIA @TheMan13 have you read this dudes post here the one im quoting...id say we have a problem,,this may just be a troll from the troll farms? SO much dedication to the fake news the Russians are pushing on AMERICANS is a good thing to this poster??? WOW, i know i have seen this dude before someplace,,he may want to be a little lighter on the lies and propaganda deal he is posting about here! QUOTE'' Putin is incredibly intelligent and is surrounded by experts and advisers that are as smart or smarter than he is" end QUOTE OK PEOPLE WHAT DO YOU SEE THERE NOT TO START SHIT BUT WOW NELLY HE IS IN LOVE WITH THAT MURDERER PUTIN?????????? THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR THIS SITE AND SHOULD BE FUCKING TAKEN DOWN NOW! WARNING RUSSIA IS FUCKING YOUR HEADS UP....NOT AMERICA! OPEN Discussion like this type lying is not good for any site,,spreading lies like this is just INSAIN in the MEMBRAIN????????? Peace and green to all folks... Oh i tell you what my man @Enoch Warlock if your right about your propaganda i will gift you a seed pack or 2!! Now lets spin that round shall we......if i am right then how about a pack of seed from you... Op
  21. I am aware and fully "awake". I began on this path in 2013 and spent 15 months in weekly studies under the guidance of a Zen master/ professor of psychology. The course is based in Buddhist teachings and brain science. About halfway through this class, I had an epiphany or awakening, matters not to me the label. Now that I can 'see' I can never un-see and I am truly happy for the first time in my life. It matters not also, at least IMO how one comes to their awakening, only that they do. I have a dear friend who called me about 6 mo's ago to tell me of her awakening and how blissfully happy she is now. She came to it much differently than I but... she made it. We are closer now than we have been for over 20yrs as we share a common experience and goal... happiness. It is my opinion that 'current events' is a deep dark abyss as we can never fathom the intricacies of the manipulations and who all is involved. Since the dawn of 'civilized' man, there have been those who choose to wield power over others. Nothing has changed to this day except the players names. Their manipulation of the masses through the media is a distraction. Think the 'powers that be' do not understand human psychology/ brain science and they don't prey upon it? Distraction by discussing events and people. "They" understand full and well that if 'we the people' learned to open our third eye they would loose their power over us. I think it is why the teachings of Buddha/ Eastern philosophy is down played as a 'fringe belief' as a means to dissuade the general public from even considering it. Ergo imho this in part is why "Christianity" was created. We should not know our own greatness but rather give it over to "faith" in something greater? bah.
  22. Well fluoride forms a shell around the gland like an egg, high doses of long exposure could make that shell very thick but it can almost always be broken through, it just takes more energy and work
  23. I've been told that fluoride calcifies the pineal gland and turns it to stone ?
  24. It is so frustrating for people when they start to ponder it so it is easy for many to react irrationally or act out because they can't wrap their head around it so to speak
  25. Imi are you aware of the 3rd eye? Which is what the pineal gland is. In order to begin to open it, you must close your eyes and focus on it, exercise it and then once it is awakened you can use it in conjunction with your other 2 eyes even when they are open. I will explain further if need be but it is fun to research it yourself. Search for third eye/kundalini, there is much about it on the internet
  26. This ^^ It really is that simple. We can heal the world. It begins individually though. I do 2 minute "mindfulness" exercises a couple times a day. I however was taught to do so with eyes wide open. We don't face life with our eyes closed... it is counter productive anyway. It is physically impossible to have an anxiety attack while deep breathing. Impossible. Ponder that for a moment. Amygdala = lizard brain = fight or flight = hard wired = antiquated alarm system = emotions = never ending 'streaming'. Each of us have the ability to take control if we so choose yet it takes practice. The head 'voices' will never end, they can't be stopped or ignored. There are ways and very simple ways (deep breathing) to let the streaming, chatter, voices in our heads just run continuously in the back ground. When the 'alarm bell' rings, we can either react (emotional mind), choose to respond or do nothing (wise mind). Simple. When I get worked up I stop, take some deep belly breaths, clear my mind and I no longer feel worked up and can think reasonably instead of emotionally. That ^^ It really is that simple. We can heal the world. It begins individually though. I am not some wacky "new age" guru. What I've shared is absolute truth. It is not some Eastern philosophy hog wash as the powers that be want us to believe.

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