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This Club is intended for Political discussion only. Anyone who is unable to remain civil and respectful of others opinions will be given warning points against them.
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  2. By Anna Von Reitz I am sorry, but the real General Roy Schwasinger, who was a long-time friend of my Mother's and many of the other desperate Wisconsin dairy farmers who joined the NFO back in the 1970's, 80's and 90's, would turn over in his grave if he heard the claptrap now being spread about NESARA. And the so-called GESARA, the Global Government version 2.0--- would not be at all well-received, either. Please note that the writers of all these articles about NESARA never nail the name of the legislation down. Pay attention--- very close attention---to the
  3. I’ve read that they have already placed the new quantum banking system In place and are starting to convert now to take control back from the central banks and federal reserve.
  4. I was only 17 and it was 1992 when I was handed an underground information pamphlet and more about this N.W.O and it was not long after that Ministry released a album highlighting it all illuminati style. Growing up with Jim Henson's Muppet Show allowed me at a very early age to see how much of the political world is no different even though you may not necessarily see the strings that support each and every important character in this three ring circus's show. Police, policies and politics they are all the same thing I realized as well .. I have seen myself just how un
  5. Yes, I have been watching that for decades, Looks like all of the money was stolen by the CIA and it is not going to happen as Reagan and Leo Wanta planned. They are planning a worldwide economic collapse and then the one world government will reveal itself and take it's place in the forefront as the solution and savior. There will be one world currency, digital of course and everyone will be chipped. No chip, no commerce.... That is the plan any way and without divine or alien intervention, it is most likely to happen within the next decade and I would not count on divine
  6. you can disregard that. I haven’t found how to turn it off yet. I will at some point, better be sooner then later have you been watching the developments with Nesara gesara global reset?
  7. I have no idea how you see things @zoot Ask questions, state your opinions and let's discuss things. One question I have is why does this Club cost $25 now? I don't think that is fair to 420 Club members, anyone in the club should be able to join in the chat and debate. I am fine with it being in the 420 Club area but not the fee.
  8. you can post as you please. And I hope that you continue doing so, I enjoy reading and expanding my knowledge. Speak your mind and state your opinion, and try to make me see things differently.
  9. I feel like I am teaching to an empty hall here and after all the "whatever happened here at the lab recently" I have been reticent to continue. Seems like every time I get started something happens that blows it all up. I am happy to share it with anyone who is willing to engage and ask questions but otherwise I am not going to try to force feed it to anyone.... If you are interested in continuing privately, feel free to send me a private message.
  10. Very well said @Zoot and I couldn't agree with you anymore than I already do!
  11. Yes you are correct, i love my 2nd amendment freedoms just as much as my 1st amendment - right to free speech. And i will not trample on your rights to express your own personal opinion/rant even if i disagree and find you off base. Instead i'll give you the opportunity to state your claims and try to change my mind and opinion. Unlike others who wish to silence the people, i wish to hear what everyone thinks and has to say. For there is no right or wrong, only a difference of perspective, and a common ground can always be found, once we start to talk and have open dialogue.
  12. Here is a chart that that's been circulating for some time, revealing how Bilderberg leads the way...
  13. I purposely saved Russia for last because it is the most complicated chapter to explain, coming soon! Then we will get into who actually controls all these countries or heads of the hydra
  14. Yes it is @xxPeacePipexx The Conspiracy Theory crowd think that there is a covert war going on to install "The New World Order" or in better descriptive verbiage, One World Government. The fact of the matter is that the One World Government has been in place since the 1950's. They have tightened their control systems and become much more powerful since then, but it was fully in place at that time. Many believe that China and Russia are resisting One World Government in this war and that could not be further from the truth. Let's start with China, on this 7
  15. Note Trumps appointed cabinet and count the CFA members.Democracy is an illusion!
  16. So great to see you @fly007! It has been quite awhile! I hope you, yours and your garden are all well!
  17. The UK has it's own version of the CFR called The Royal Institute of International Affairs or RIIA or Chatham House. This body controls the UK and greatly influences all of Europe. https://www.jstor.org/publisher/riia The European Union is another example of this form of governing but unlike the CFR and RIAA, they are quite out in the open with it. All EU leaders are appointed, exempt from laws and pay no taxes.
  18. The Council on Foreign Relations is the REAL government of the United States. It is made up of republicans and democrats, intelligencia and the rich and powerful. They write "policy papers" that are ALWAYS then written into law by the Congress. Anyone who wants to run for President has to first get permission from the CFR, Jimmy Carter said so verbatim in one of his first books. I guess they gave Trump permission to run because they never thought he could win... Since he did, the "Deep State" or CFR with their enforcers, the CIA have been trying to find a way to remove him. He may have t
  19. Ok, that works for me. Let's start fresh here: http://www.fourwinds10.com/siterun_data/government/us_military_-_military_industrial_complex/cia/news.php?q=1569938189
  20. This isn't a discussion, this is a rant. This post is intended to be disruptive, disrespectful and goes against all reason. We here at Z-Labs prefer adult conversations, discussions on topics that effect us. This is not even close to being adult nor is it conducive to productive discussion. This entire rant is an attack upon our community at large. It totally and completely disregards all that we stand for here. This rant is meant to be divisive and is also very selfish. I do not care about what any persons political leanings are. What I do care about is their

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