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DoobieDuck's Creative Cannabis Imagery, Genetics and Art This is my retrospective, of my best work from the past 35 years, the present, and into the future. I hope you’ll experience a completely different look at Mother Nature than what you usually see by viewing it as I see it thru my lenses. I work very hard trying to create and bring you images different than most, unique, and out of the norm, by using different lenses, set ups, and lighting.
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  2. You guys have to put up with a few pics I shot the other day of my nesting male barn swallow showing off his colors while preening, thanks.
  3. Shag always good to see you come by. The fans were still on the plant but not in the shot, bud further up the stem, and yes I do trim some secondary leaves, just a couple off this girl. She didn't have many in the buds. And I wet trim when I do you'd see the leaf ends trimmed off if there were any there, hope this helps..DD
  4. Nice photos,, wow! I'll sign up to watch this. I thought I was nuts with a dozen strains last year! One of this, three of that. I told my wife it wasn't happening again. She doesn't pay much attention to me chattering until they're all in one's or three's. She took a look a few days back in the tent. She came back with masking tape, a sharpie, and simple instructions. "Keep track of your shit." I wisely accepted them and today everyone has a legible label.
  5. Did the bud in the above pic get her hair cut for before the photoshoot? She has that trimmed look to her. Did ya take only the large leaves off? I like my females nice and trim, but not completly shaven...LOL I am still talkin cannabis of course..
  6. @DoobieDuck Your photos are like a whole different world. Nice work brother!
  7. Beautiful as usual @DoobieDuck! Thirty strains will be fun. I look forward to seeing them as you have a chance to stop in for a visit.
  8. Will I ever get caught up? No, guys I'm swamped getting the images I shot last fall and this spring processed let alone posted. So my apologies, for not getting here more often. Happens every year, getting my home in shape after the long cold winter and I'm 66, fuck how'd that happen? So if you don't mind me popping in like I do thanks for sticking with me and my art. What's going on for the grow this year, Crazy, up to 30 varieties, one plant of each. The wifey says I'll never be able to keep up. Some fantastic genetics, I'll let you know when I'm sure of which are girls and alive! To keep the thread alive here is Ethos Genetics White Wedding RBX1 I'm shooting right now, enjoy nd thanks guys.
  9. Pot Boy welcome! Here is Doobies' Purt=Esbes Afghan x ErdPurt BX(Esbe Erdpurt (Erdbeer x Purpuera Ticinensis). Those 3 seed gave me one survivor, a boy. I just recently back crossed.
  10. Hey, thanks, a little behind I guess. your post 07-2019, shit Doobie, getting back on the boards, many many many new images for you. Check out my 2020 grow and my macro attack threads. Cheers...DD
  11. Awesome pics! Thx for sharing..
  12. Shit..that was a long summer, does it always get harder to do the older you get. I've been shooting literally thousands of images and it's now time to start posting them! Back on the forums here I come, happy to read thru some of your threads and see a lot of the old gang still here! Starting from my first of the year captured, Old Moon monkey one of my creations, Old Moon Monkey=MoonMonkeyHaze F2 x OldMoonshineF2-2012..enjoy, sorry for my absence..cheers DD
  13. Ok 26 degrees here yesterday morning and that means winter! We go from summer into winter here in my neck of the woods. The time has come to get back on the web, I was swamped all summers, still am but am finding some time to share my images of the finish with you here at the Zlabs one of my favorite haunts! Applause? Let's get right to it, many of my own creations showed off in the grow and I will feature those first. Doobie's Dusted Chunk=(Dynasty Starduster=(PRE 99 SOUR DIESEL X M.S UNIVERSE #10) X Doobies Leb Chunk (Leb27 x HTC Deep Chunk) x Doobies Rocket Bubble(Eroc DP x HTC DC) x (Head Mss x SB)
  14. Grow is going great, can't wait to start shooting. And I have a good various variety winter grow started. Until then here's the gangs all here video on my youtube channel:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0X2ZAp7SLL4I've been shooting pics like mad. Soon can get some processed. Sorry that seems what I say a lot nowa--days, SOON....I'm getting older and can't seem to accomplish stuff like I used too!
  15. We all feel ur pain with the lack of time in the days @DoobieDuck.. Haven't been here or anywhere else much myself either. PUFF PUFF PASS BROTHER...
  16. Damn, I am saddened I cannot make all the posts I used to. Just a busy summer guys. And yes I've been on IG and FB some but not much on the forums. Not enough time in a day to grow, shoot and post. There's a light at the end of the tunnel? Yes, I hope. I have plans on sharing a ton of pics this fall. For today, I'm trying to do some video on my youtube channel. Here's an example of some CSI Humboldt gear from my recent macros. Enjoy and thanks all of you who follow and still like seeing my efforts...cheers.... Dooobie's video CSI Humboldt.....
  17. Nice to see you back! Can’t wait for the macro shots.
  18. Ok guys,still here, stick growing, how about this! Here's a special little thing growers love. I recently germed some Goat and Monkey seed. And wow, nine of nine sprouted for me. Many thanks goat and Monkey, here's their page on IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/B9W_u8YhffW/ ...I'm sure others will appreciate knowing your Fem seed do so well. Cheers...
  19. First is Ethos Mandarin Cookie..enjoy. . Doobies Rocket Chunk
  20. Awesome purple. always amazed at what colors these plants make.
  21. A new one from me, Doobies' DagoTine..Riot Dago OG x LaPlata Labs Clementine. Stinky as hell..more pics soon.
  22. Love the work you put into your craft @DoobieDuck Beautiful shots as always.
  23. Your skill with light and shadow is what makes it realistic, I find that is true when doing graphic design also. I always love to see your stuff, Rock on brother DoobieDuck!
  24. Shagg I'm using some new lighting and different angles on these thus the different look. The buds and color provide the rest..peace..DD
  25. I love the figures,looks photoshopped but I know it is not. Nice work as always! Some good lookin smoke too.
  26. Hard to type a response when I'm constantly wiping drool off the key board. Beautiful as always brutha
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