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  • Hells Angel OG Kush (HA-OG) S1 seeds By sourcecodeseeds

    • $100.00
    • 15 days and 22 hours  
    the legendary HA-OG Kush (Hells OG or Hells Angel OG) clone only reversed and selfed into seed form. not bagseed or repackaged. deep indica mind numbing effects, gassy loud OG bag appeal. very dense, extremely sticky nugs. great for PTSD, depression, cramps, nausea, insomnia. needs support late in flowering, heavy nugs will bend branches near harvest time. will single stalk without training. high resin content, high calyx to leaf ratio. all seeds fully mature, fr
  • Mini RooR (fakes) By zoot

    • $15.00
    • 13 days and 15 hours  
    Inline water pipe with RooR logo (knockoff) 4 available $15 each shipped
  • afterthought autos and photoperiods seeds By aridbud

    • $55.00
    • 1 day and 23 hours  
    Have several new hybrids and autos to put on Zoot's Advertising site. Thank you, Mr. Z.   AUTOS:   GAS & GUNS: Diesel Ryder x AK influence. This GAS & GUNS hybrid is an inbred cross of Soma’s NYC Diesel and Lowryder No.2 and produce very potent, extremely resinous and tasty marijuana plants. Diesel Ryder produces compact tight middle-sized buds, slightly irregular and variable, with thick orange pistils. Combine those attributes with a sativa dominant Auto Ak47 plant
  • HEMP/CBD photoperiod hybrids: afterthought autos By aridbud

    • $55.00
    • 1 day and 22 hours  
    Greetings high CBD/Hemp enthusiasts. Talked to one of our former seed partners today- he owned a commercial greenhouse business that his family had since 1952 until 2007. I considered purchasing the 8 greenhouses, but did not like the regulations for agricultural pursuits (both pesticide and synthetic nutrients, yet worked for 3 seasons 1997-2000). It was sold in 2008 and now (drum roll), this same greenhouse biz recently planted hemp! And, another greenhouse I frequent in the area is doing

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